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Building and Architecture

Great architecture has lead to some fantastic buildings both modern and contemporary. Modern homes are being built by innovative builders and tradesman who are using local and innovative materials and techniques. These materials and techniques are even getting used in standard house and land packages in countries like Australia, Canada and America.

Tradesman including local area plumbers are having to design some very interesting plumbing installations around the building designs that are being drawn up by architects and designers. The reason for this is that not all the designs produced by these professionals have taken into account the installation of the services put in by tradesman such as plumbers and drainers. It is important when putting in Air Conditioning and plumbing - particularly drainage that ducting location and placement is taken into consideration during the design stage.


Professional building Brokers such as Perth Building Brokers and Home design professionals including architects are designing functional and modern homes that are using modern building materials and practices that complement the environment and that blend in with their surroundings. Buildings such as Under ground and rammed earth houses are leading the way in new techniques. A great place to find builders, Australian architects and home design professionals is on Also Architect listings.


Hinge Magazine


Hinge magazine is an industry leading building and architectural magazine covering such topics as

1. Volume 122 - Hinge shops around in Hong Kong for the latest and greatest in retail design.

2. Volume 119. - Five big names in the industry share the secrets, jobs, successes and struggles of running a design practice.

3. Volume 111. cover story - A look into other people's beds: new hotel designs near and far.



When designing a home or building a home it is beneficial to be familiar with the local building practices of the local  builders and tradesman. This is for 2 reasons. Firstly when you know the way a particular thing is done then you can incorporate that into the design of the building making allowances for it. Secondly materials can be different between different construction methods, so knowing the materials to be used allows for better design. eg Home Builders Perth and Melbourne Builders for example use different materials and have to comply with different rules and regulations than Sydney Builders. This is often the case between different states and different countries particularly when the climates or levels of technology used differ greatly.

To appreciate the best use of building methods and materials it is important to consider the uses of a home - whether it is for  co housing , investment or to live in. Also the opinion and knowledge of professionals such as Real Estate agents, Building Inspectors and Property managers can help with the design and practicality,  functionality and use of a home. find local professionals by searching Google using terms such as Real estate agents Brisbane .

When it comes to building it is important to design a home or building that you or your clients can afford to build. For this reason we always recommend that anyone thinking of building speaks to a mortgage broker before they have a design done up. We have seen more often than we would like to the case were people have been to an architect or designer and had plans drawn up that they cannot afford to build.